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Recover data from your hard drive and repair files

EasyRecover Professional is the complete solution for your data recovery needs.

It can recover your data, repair your files and e-mail and make disk diagnoses. This software includes the applications DataRecovery, EmailRepair, FileRepair and DataAdvisor.

Thanks to EasyRecovery you'll be able to recover all kind of files even in the most dangerous situations. It includes a powerful data recovery system with more than 290 kinds of files, including, pictures, audio, video, documents,etc.

EasyRecovery is compatible with:
- Jaz/Zip
- Diskettes
- Peripherical (USB disks or FireWire, USB portable)
- Digital supports (CompactFlash, flash memory, SmartMedia, memory sticks)

From now on, you will never loss your beloved data.

The demo version allows you to see the data but it doesn’t recover it.

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